Zanskar Valley Ladakh

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Zanskar Valley is known for its wide views and sceneries, cave monasteries and mostly travelled to for its trekking trails and river rafting experiences and the Suru Valley, the two valleys almost always visited together. Nestled between two tiny alpine lakes, most isolated of all Himalayan valleys, the valley has an area of about 5,000 sir. Kms. and is situated at an elevation of 13,154 above sea level.

This valley seem to be cut off from the rest of the world for over 9 months of the year. Adventure is the main cause as to why people like Zanskar. River rafting and other sports are very famous here, and Zanskar is known for it clear waters.

How to Reach Zanskar Valley
Air: Leh domestic airport is the nearest airport from Zanskar. From the airport, taxis are available ,that charge Rs 1000 to commute to Zanskar Valley. One can also get to Zanskar from Srinagar. From the airport one can go for shared taxis or buses to get to Zanskar Valley.

Rail: The nearest railway station from Zanskar is Jammu. One can travel to the valley via shared buses from Jammu.

Road: There is a regular bus service from Jammu & Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation from Leh and Kargil for Padum with stops at various points in Suru and Zanskar Valley. The other option is by hiring a taxi or a motorcycle from Leh or Kargil for Zanskar Valley.
Where to Stay
The Jammu and Kashmir Bungalow, two or three guest houses and few campsites are places where one can stay in Zanskar. Zongla is a village nearest to Zanskar which provides accommodation like renting a room in a monastery or sharing rooms in village houses. Padum, situated 14 kms from Zanskar is the only town in the region where one can check in 3 star hotels.

Sightseeing in Zanskar Valley
While at Zanskar one can visit Zongkhul for the elaborate cave monasteries it houses and Stongdey for a few more monasteries. One can trek to both these places. Also, Suru Valley is not to be missed while here.

Activities in Zanskar Valley
Rafting in the Zanskar river is a favorite here. A number of trekking trails also dot the area.

Zanskar Valley's Cuisine
The options for food are basic. Local preparations such as Thukpa, Momos, Skyu and Ladakhi Chai should be available as well as a popular bowl of maggi. Ladakhi Chai. Hotels and guesthouses provide popular items off Indian, Continental and European menus.

Best Restaurants Nearby
Options for eating out will mostly revolve around your hotels and guesthouses which will serve popular and basic preparations.