Alchi Ladakh

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Home to 900 year old Buddhist monastery, Alchi in Ladakh is a scenic village making tourists flock from all over the globe. One of the important religious centres in Ladakh, Alchi is a hamlet that is situated in the Leh district. Built by the great translator Guru Rinchen Zangpo between 958 and 1055, Alchi monastery remains as one of the most well preserved sites making it one of the top tourist sites in Leh Ladakh. One of the oldest and most famous monasteries in Leh district, Alchi housed 11th-12th century Indo-Tibetan paintings which are marvelous to look at. Showcasing age old culture and true religious nature, Alchi monastery is a sight to behold. The famous painted statue of Bodhisattva Maitreya emerges over the entire monastery garnering tourists from all over the world.

Famous for its Gompas, Alchi is tucked away in the Himalayan region of Leh Ladakh offering mesmerizing view of the whole region. Today the monastery is being monitored by the Likir monastery and the only reason it has stayed in such a good condition is because of the low humidity level in the Himalayan region. Experience the true culture of Ladakhi people and get to know more about their daily routines along with the view of the mighty range of Himalayas. Consisting of temples that are segregated into four separate portions, the Alchi monastic complex stands out amongst the rest of the famous attractions in Leh Ladakh.

The main complex of Alchi has three temples namely- gTsug-lag-Khang, Jam-dpal lHa-Khang and Dukhang that attracts tourists from all over the world. Considered to be the oldest surviving monastery in Ladakh, these temples are adorned with carved paintings making it a sight to behold. For those who are traveling to Leh Ladakh, make sure you visit the pristine village of Alchi that has lot in store for enthusiast travelers.