Magnetic Hill of Ladakh

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Magnetic Hills is one of the popular tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh attracting tourists from across the globe. Lying at a distance of 30 km and at an elevation of 14,000 feet above the sea level, Magnetic Hills is said to be a gravity hill where vehicles move upwards to the hills when it marked at the parked location. For all those who travel to Ladakh, you can see Sindhu River flowing from the eastern side that originates in Tibet and is an essential part of your tour to Leh Ladakh. The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is supposed to have a mysterious magnetic property that has made it a famous tourist spot in Leh Ladakh.

Creating the illusion of the vehicles moving upwards, Magnetic Hill is one of the several unique places which should be on your bucket list when you travel to Ladakh. It is a nice place to stop by to experience the mystery of everyday lives. The breathtaking view of the mountain along with amazing property of the Magnetic Hills makes it one of the amazing places to visit in Leh Ladakh. The surrounding area produces an optical illusion that if a car is left out of gear, it will appear to be rolling uphill. Having magnetic properties, it attracts metallic objects, making vehicles move upwards at a speed of about 20km per hour with their engines off.

The people of Ladakh believe that the Magnetic Hill near Leh was once a road that le people straight to the heaven. It was said that the ones who were worthy were pulled directly to heaven through that road and the ones who were not considered deserving could not make it to the road to heaven. Visit to this famous region of Leh Ladakh is definitely going to give you memories of a lifetime.