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Situated in Leh, Ladakh, Shanti Stupa is a white dome structure which is dedicated to Buddhism. It is one of the magnificent Tibetan structures that has been built and attracts tourists from all walks of life. This marvelous structure stands on top of the hilltop at an average height of 11,841feet above the sea level. With a backdrop of the Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa is a must visit place when exploring Leh Ladakh. With picturesque views of the surroundings, Shanti Stupa overlooks the vibrant city of Leh and also offers breathtaking views of the Changspa village as well.

Constructed by Japanese Buddhist in 1991, Shanti Stupa was built by the Ladakhi and Japanese Buddhist to mark the completion of 2500 years of Buddhism. ladakh tour packages. At the entrance, you will get to see various relics of old Buddhism culture that includes the huge statue of Lord Buddha at the base which was enshrined by the 14th Dalai Lama.

Shanti Stupa, the symbol of peace and prosperity is a perfect holiday destination for those who are looking for peace and those who want to be mesmerized by nature’s spectacular beauty. The beautiful snow capped mountains along with the imperial beauty of the Himalayas makes the Stupa a must visit place in Leh Ladakh. This structure looks best at night at the lights illuminate the white domed structure lending an amazing view of the Stupa.

Adorned with gilt panels, the sides of the Stupa depict the events from the life of Buddha. Its beautiful architecture is what makes this domed structure unique which is marveled by every visitor. While on your tour to Leh, you will get a clear view of the white dome of Shanti Stupa and it offers breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset from within its boundaries. Not only it is famous for its beautiful piece of art form but also because of the picturesque landscape and grand mountains surrounding it. The exotic view of the Himalayas and the magnificent domed structure makes it an ideal place to visit in Leh Ladakh.